Sissy Hole Training by AmberSis

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How are you feeling little sissy. Is your cock starting to shrivel inside itself? Just gives you a little rush doesn’t it to think about yourself on your little slutty knees. I’m going to make sure you are a good little bimbo for me. You’re going to suck lots of cock. Does that make your little clitty tingle. I want you to think about that cock in your mouth right now. Feel it just there on your knees. Open your mouth. Ahh. That’s a good little sissy. Sticking your tongue out. Showing them the whore you are. Go on little sissy make your mouth drool. That’s what happens when you suck a lot of cock. You salivate. You know you want to be a good little bimbo. You’re no longer a man you are a sissy whore. Every last speck of masculinity just washed away. And you’re ready to embrace being a full sissy. Living your life as a bimbo cock sucker sissy. Enjoy Sissy Hole Training by AmberSis.


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    I am about to watch this while riding my dildo. 😉


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